Clearcube milan 600 single drawer cabinet 600x420x400
R 4,829.00
Milan 450 single door white gloss cabinet 450x180x450
R 2,682.00
Clear Cube Milan 1200 single drawer cabinet 1200x480x500
R 8,739.00
Clear Cube Milan 900 wall hung vanity unit - single drawer - soft close   AVAILABLE IN DOUBLE DRAW.
R 6,899.00
Clear Cube Enzo 1200 concrete with two doors. Avalible in White 
R 4,445.00
Clear Cube Enzo Concrete cabinet 1200mm Double draws
R 10,655.00
Clear Cube 600x480x500mm Enzo double drawer cabinet -concrete -soft close runners
R 6,439.00
Clear cube enzo basin 400mm   Available in white 
R 2,866.00
Clear Cube Lazio 1500mm four drawer and 2 basin.
R 14,288.00
Clear Cube Lazio 1200mm double drawer and 1 basin Available in single draw  
R 10,379.00
Lazio 900mm double drawer and basin.  Available in single draw. 
R 8,693.00
Lazio 600mm Double draw and basin. Also Available in Single draw 
R 6,776.00
clearcube 600x480x500mm enzo Cabinet + Basin(mirror excluded) -- clearcube 600x480x500mm enzo Cabinet + Basin
R 6,439.00
clearcube 1200mm enzo Cabinet + Basin--clearcube 1200mm enzo Cabinet + Basin
R 10,655.00